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Welcome to The Cookie Yoda

When you become a Cookie Yoda Wholesaler your customers will experience a cookie like No Other! Just ask our customers or request a box of the best scratch-made cookies and experience flavors you have never dreamed of.

The Cookie Yoda products are made when ordered with no hold over inventory for the freshest products possible. 

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The Taste of Homemade


Choosing a cookie or cake shouldn't be a half-hearted effort to fill a need or a desire, but to experience or share in the creativity and passion of not simply a baker but a creator. 

What makes The Cookie Yoda different? Beyond research and testing, Lori is not afraid to play, yes, PLAY! The basic cookie recipe is a massive canvas; one where you can add and subtract with varying ingredients and amounts. 

Each cookie creation is tested amongst strangers in the community to achieve a non-bais assessment of taste, texture, and uniqueness. Elevating the standard cookie from one that everyone knows to that of those that no one has ever tasted.



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